20 Aug 2016

A literature review on early learning practices

A literature review on early learning practices

During the conceptualisation phase of SmartStart (in 2014), we commissioned a literature review on research relating to early learning programmes and parenting interventions. While the purpose of this review was primarily to inform our conversations around the design of SmartStart’s early learning programme and curriculum, we think that it is a useful reference tool for others working in the field of ECD and early learning, and who are designing programmes to engage and include parents. 

The review is by no means exhaustive. It offers signposts and insights into good practice, key themes and areas of emerging consensus, rather than definitive conclusions. Although the document is quite long, much of this is quotes from the literature and the original discussion is fairly short. It is divided up into different sections, so that you can refer to the elements that are of most interest to you.

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